The Top Benefits of a Modular Rigging System

The Top Benefits of a Modular Rigging System


No matter how unique your theater or entertainment venue is, having a modular rigging system with independent and interchangeable components can help elevate your performance. At Thern Stage, we understand the value of offering modular products that can be applied to various projects to solve a multitude of problems for our clients. From universal mounting holes/slots on our rigging blocks and custom designs for guide walls/lock rails to modular self-climbing trusses and line shaft hoists, our complete collection of stage rigging system equipment is designed with both flexibility and durability in mind.

Why Having a Modular Rigging System Matters

“Modular designs give clients more ways to creatively solve complex challenges. Our rigging products are multitaskers that can be arranged in a number of ways into rigging designs. Thern’s extensive engineering experience and manufacturing resources allow us to provide custom solutions,” noted Business Development Manager Paul Brunner. “Most clients look for rigging equipment that is reliable and useful for various applications. Like anything else, clients want tools in their toolbox that can do several things while being able to use the same solution repeatedly. They are more familiar with and gain more trust in the product over time.” 

Best-Selling Modular Rigging System Solutions


Head Block HB12-R8S25SP
Loft Block LB12-D1S25

Thern Stage’s best-selling modular rigging products include our head blocks and loft blocks. These versatile blocks are used in manual counterweight rigging and motorized systems and can be arranged in almost any way necessary to provide proper wire rope clearances. They feature multiple mounting holes and slots to avoid pre-drilled, definite-purpose block mounting. Our blocks are designed for multi-line systems and reduce drag and noise for smooth and quiet operation. On top of that, each model is engineered with an 8:1 design factor and conforms to ANSI standards for manual and motorized rigging.


Other top-selling modular solutions are the PW12 and PW21 pilewind hoists that can be mounted upright or underhung on a grid, between loft blocks, along the sidewall of a facility, or base-mounted on a stage or other appropriate structure. The best part? These compact hoists take up minimal space and provide zero-fleet wire rope travel. Available with 1,200 or 2,100 lb load capacities and 4 to 10 lift lines, these hoists provide the flexibility you need.  


A Modular Rigging System Case Study

Harvest AV in Kansas City, MO, partnered with Thern Stage to design a modular curtain hoist for the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection. This hoist raises and lowers a darkening curtain for a 100-foot-wide by 40-foot-tall stained glass window, which is one of the largest in the world. The purpose of the curtain is to block light from coming in, so the client can shine custom lights against the stained glass for different effects. The line shaft hoist includes 23 lifting pilewind drums, each connected with adjustable mechanical shafts that follow the architectural curve of the building’s exterior window. With this lifting solution in place by Thern Stage, church congregation members can enjoy an enhanced worship experience for years to come. 

Look no further for high-quality modular components for your rigging system. Connect with our experts today to find the perfect solutions for your venue!