We are finding Thern to be more accommodating and easier to work with than some of the other rigging manufacturers we have used. Also providing gear that is not exactly your standard product does not seem to be a big issue.

—Dan, Beck Studios

We have used Thern’s hand winches for many years. Thern is a very good company because of their quality—U.S. made translates to quality and years of service to the customer.

—Kevin, Stagecraft Industries Inc.

Engineering professionalism—it’s hard to find that in the industry. The technical expertise that the Thern team has excels beyond the competition.

—Tyler, Visional Productions

Thern offers a fresh perspective on stage equipment design, in addition to manufacturing innovative front-loading arbors. The stage equipment group seems to have great support from the industrial group when needed. I think your quality control (QC) is good. The last project I did with Thern was at Chapman University in California.

—Michael, Theatre Projects

Receptive technical contacts when coordinating a design approach.

—Stephanie, D.L. Adams Associates

I do see much more emphasis on trying to get a design right up front as opposed to the old way of figuring it out on site, and I like that. Just makes things better all around.

—Stanley, AVL Designs Inc.

We use this equipment every single day. The non-deflected battens, new rope, and great rope locks make flying scenic pieces and drapes easy and safe. I especially love the Brickhouse arbors. I know they are easier for our students to load, and I feel confident that there is less of a chance for an accident or injury handling the weights. This is a tremendous upgrade to our system. The Thern team was responsive to our needs, provided several solutions to solve our problems, and were very neat and timely in the installation. Any questions we had after the install were handled easily.

—Peggy, Winona State University

Thern Stage Equipment provided us with hand crank winches for theatrical application. Our experience working with their team was great. We would highly recommend Thern because they provided us with great customer service, good products, and met all the deadlines!

—Jim, Pittsburg Stage, Inc.

In August of 2011, the Conexus Arts Centre identified issues with their stage fly system, which we felt needed to be addressed. After reviewing the proposals, we felt that Thern’s Brickhouse system best suited our needs, and the project was awarded. I would highly recommend Thern and their team. We found them to be very professional and their products to be of very high quality in every respect. In short, we are extremely pleased with the process of completing this project and delighted with the final result.

—Jim, Conexus Arts Centre

Thern Stage Equipment re-rigged all 30 line sets and the fire curtain and put winches on our four electrics. The front-loading Brickhouse arbors are much safer than the side-loading arbors that existed previously. It’s a faster process to change weight. And the students find the system easy to learn and use safely. The winches on our electrics have had a similar impact. Not having to shift all those bricks every time we hang a new prop has made things more efficient and safer on deck. I would absolutely recommend Thern. Their products have been a great addition to our space, and their customer support is quick to respond in a friendly manner.

—Isaac, Winona State University

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