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The Best Solution for a Stage Hoist

Whether for a new theater or a rigging renovation, Thern Stage’s counterweight assist hoist is one of the best solutions for a stage hoist.

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Top Five Safety Tips for Theatres

The Thern Stage team has experience with safety on stage. Here are 5 safety tips for preventing incidents and injuries in the theatre. 

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Easy to Operate: Vivian Fusillo Theatre

Thern Stage supplied easy to operate theatrical rigging equipment to a theatre venue in their own backyard.

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Innovative Stage Rigging Equipment: The Brickhouse™ Front-Loading Arbor

The Brickhouse™ Front-Loading Arbor delivers operator convenience and security in stage rigging equipment that is ergonomically friendly.

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Manufacturing of a Loft Block

Thern Stage manufactures thousands of loft blocks each year. Read this blog to see the step-by-step process of making a loft block.

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Idlers Vs. Multi-Groove Loft Blocks

Thern Stage loft blocks ensure smooth, quiet operation for any performance whether using idlers or multi-groove options.

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