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Stage Truss Rigging: Self-Climbing Trusses

Lighting and stage truss rigging is a rigid framework made up of structural members. Trusses can be found in buildings, bridges, and machines.

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Seven Things You Should Know About Stage Rigging

Stage rigging solutions, despite their significance in a theatrical production, are overlooked. Seven things to know about Stage Rigging.

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Calling on Thern Stage: Thern’s Counterweight Guide Wall

Thern’s guide wall system is built on our custom T-Strut guide rails which provides a secure guide for arbors and floor blocks with more rigidity than traditional J-bar systems.

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The Best Cam Rope Lock for Stage Rigging Systems

The groundbreaking design of the BrickhouseTM Cam Rope Lock is a proactive and long-lasting piece of rigging equipment.

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Calling on Thern Stage: Adjusting the Brickhouse Rope Lock

The Brickhouse Rope Lock is easily adjusted using the adjustment knob located at the rear of the lock.  The process is easy and requires no special tools.

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Best Stage Rigging Equipment to Elevate Your Performance

Thern has manufactured high-quality stage rigging equipment for many years. What sets rigging equipment apart is longevity.

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