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Elevate Health and Safety On Stage

Thern Stage designs and manufactures equipment that minimize potential hazards and promote health and safety on stage.

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Indoor/Outdoor Winches & Hoists for Flexible Theatrical Systems

Thern Stage offers indoor/outdoor winches to support technical directors that are converting to more flexible theatrical systems.

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Meet Our Staff!

Meet our staff who keep the sales department at Thern Stage Equipment growing and running smoothly. Paul, Dave & Austin are here to help!

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Meet the Thern Team – Dave Maxwell

Thern Stage is lucky to have Dave Maxwell on our team! Dave has brought many years of performance experience to his years working at Thern.

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Meet the Thern Team – Austin Utley

Thern Stage is proud to introduce Austin Utley! Austin works as a Theatrical Technical Sales Representative and has a fantastic knowledge of our theatrical rigging equipment.

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The Brickhouse™ Rope Locking Device: The New Approach to Safety

Brickhouse™ rope locks are designed with safety in mind. Thern® Stage engineers created a rope locking device that enhances safety backstage.

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