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Theater Stage Design & Installation: Insights from Industry Professionals

To gain some insight into the process of theater stage design and installation, Thern Stage asked professionals to share their experiences.

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Top Five Stage Equipment Dealers and Installers for Your Venue

We’d like to highlight five companies that Thern® Stage Equipment trusts to help them get the job done!

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Reliable Fire Curtain System for Performing Art Venues

There are three different fire curtain hoists that are part of a fire curtain system that has the ability to integrate with the fire alarm system.

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Specialized Rigging Equipment for Every Unique Application

Thern has a specialized rigging equipment system solution for every unique application. Learn more about their custom applications.

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Great Theatrical Rigging Accessories are the Key to a Superior Venue

Thern Stage offers many different theatrical rigging accessories to help bring your stage to the next level. Our accessories are designed with installation and longevity in mind.

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A Complete Stage Rigging System Breakdown

Several integral pieces of equipment are involved in a stage rigging system. They all work harmoniously to bring a stage to life.

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