Guide Wall

Optimize your counterweight rigging system with Thern Stage Equipment’s guide wall. Look no further for an ideal solution to capture counterweight arbors and floor blocks into a unified precision guide system.

Product Description

Our unique aluminum T-strut guide wall is comprised of a series of tracks mounted vertically along a venue’s sidewall to capture and confine the movement of counterweight arbors and tension floor blocks. The wall knees allow for easy adjustment to meet any and all field conditions. Our guide wall features custom extrusion that is stiffer than traditional steel T-guides for smoother operation and a longer lifespan. The strut also accepts an A-nut Unistrut fastener for quick and flexible installation.

Made to last, our components are comprised of durable, heavy-duty materials. We guarantee consistent service life for your Thern Stage Equipment guide wall by offering a two-year limited warranty to make sure that you’re 100% satisfied.

Key Features

  • Standard center-to-center spacing is 6″ or 8″
  • Assembly is complete with an all-aluminum T-strut, splices, wall and floor battens, top and bottom stop battens, and all necessary hardware
  • Vertical struts are mechanically fastened with adjustable hardware
  • Standard wall and stop battens are 2” x 2″ x 3/16″ steel angle
  • Standard stop battens provided with 2″x 2″ hardwood
  • Adjustable wall knees
  • Common tee profile of 1.5″ x 3/16″ at interface

Venue Applications

Large and small theater venues, arenas, churches, and other large event facilities.

Customization Options and Accessories

Thern Stage Equipment will work with you to customize your guide wall with the features and accessories you need to suit your specific application. Options include:

  • Spacing
  • Neoprene stop bumpers
  • Outriggers
  • Custom wall knees
  • Chain or wire rope compensating systems

For more information, please contact customer service at 507-454-2996.

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