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Versatile Theater Equipment for Non-Theatrical Applications



Across the nation and around the world, Thern Stage has provided innovative theater equipment to a variety of non-theatrical venues. No matter how challenging or unique the application, the Thern team works closely with their customers to fully understand the requirements of the project to supply top-quality equipment. Below are some examples of Thern Stage equipment used beyond the stage.


3 Examples of Theater Equipment Used in Various Venues


1. Christ Church

The historic Christ Church in New York City is home to Thern Stage equipment that lifts and lowers chandeliers. To maintain and clean the delicate chandeliers hanging 35 feet in the air, Christ Church required an innovative solution to reach them. Northeast Stage, a theatrical installer, designed a rigging and power cable management system as a solution, and they recommended Thern Stage equipment to get the job done. They specified eight pilewind hoists, one hoist for each 400-pound chandelier. The pilewind hoists are installed in the small attic of the church. In the end, these hoists provided the compact and reliable solution required by the church.


2. A Middle School in Minnesota

Norcostco, an installing contractor, approached Thern Stage with a customer request regarding an Austrian curtain divider in an auditorium. The solution involved a customized variable-speed line shaft hoist that lifts a 55-foot-wide Austrian curtain across 22 pick points in the school’s auditorium. The hoist is in a custom 20 by 20-foot dead-hung box truss. While not entirely non-theatrical, this application demonstrates the versatility of Thern Stage equipment. The ability to customize a solution is what makes Thern Stage a valued partner.




lineshaft hoist
Thern Line Shaft Hoist



3. BC Place Stadium

Thern Stage’s work in the BC Place Stadium is another example of stage equipment outside of the theater. BC Place Stadium is in Vancouver, British Columbia. Since opening in 1983, BC Place has served as a multipurpose venue, with an audience capacity of 55,000 people. In 2010, they wanted to renovate their domed stadium into an open-air facility and opted for a retractable, cable-supported fabric roof. Working directly with engineers, Thern built and supplied 54 custom roll drops and motors along with eight drum winch units. The roll drops deploy and tension the fabric panels, as well as store them when they are not in use. When deployed, the large fabric drapes create a partial false roof for the stadium. Stage rigging in stadiums and arenas may seem like a huge undertaking, but Thern Stage has the expertise to provide a state-of-the-art solution.

BC Place Stadium rigging system


With a diverse portfolio of reputable clients, Thern Stage consistently provides the best lifting and rigging solutions, including theater equipment that’s ideal for non-theatrical venues. From NYC to middle America to Canada, Thern Stage equipment is just about everywhere you look. Contact a Thern Stage rep today for your customized solution!