The Crucial Role of Fire Curtain Systems in Theatre Safety: A Guide for Venue Managers

Fire Curtain System. What you need to know. Graphic with flames

The Crucial Role of Fire Curtain Systems in Theatre Safety: A Guide for Venue Managers

Imagine the chaos – a fire erupts backstage, flames flickering and smoke billowing. In these critical moments, a properly functioning fire curtain system becomes the hero, safeguarding your audience and performers. At Thern Stage, we understand the immense responsibility venue managers have for patron safety. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing top-tier fire curtain solutions and guiding you in selecting the perfect system for your space.

Why Fire Curtains Matter

Fires can spread rapidly in performance venues, filled with flammable materials like curtains and props. A fire curtain acts as a vital barrier, separating the stage from the audience seating area. This precious time allows for safe evacuation and minimizes potential damage. 

Choosing the Right Fire Curtain Hoist

Here at Thern Stage, we offer two primary fire curtain hoist options: 

  • Fire Curtain Drum Hoist: Designed for compact spaces, this hoist boasts a 1,000-pound capacity and offers versatile mounting configurations. Its integrated hydraulic control system ensures smooth emergency lowering, adhering to all relevant safety standards (ANSI E1.22 & NFPA 80). 

Thern Fire Curtain Hoist

  • Fire Curtain Line Shaft Hoist: Ideal for heavier fire curtains (up to 1,700 lbs), this hoist utilizes a single motor to efficiently raise and lower the curtain. Like the drum hoist, it prioritizes safety with automatic emergency lowering and adherence to ANSI and NFPA standards. 

The FVC-1000 Fire Vent Closure Winch: A Game-Changer for Fire Safety Protocols

But what about those crucial fire vent doors located on the roof of your theatre? Regular testing is essential, but traditional methods often involve personnel precariously climbing to the ceiling for manual operation. This is not only inconvenient but also poses a safety hazard. 

Image of Thern Fire Vent Closure Winch

The Thern Stage FVC-1000 Fire Vent Closure Winch is a revolutionary solution designed to address this very challenge. Here’s why it stands out: 

  • Safe and Efficient Testing: Perform routine fire vent door testing without breaking the Electro Thermal Link (ETL). In the event of a fire, the winch automatically releases fire vent doors. The capability of testing while keeping the fire safety system intact eliminates unnecessary replacements. 
  • Convenient Operation: Horizontal base or wall mounted – This winch allows you to pull and hold fire doors closed from a safe and easily accessible location within the theater, eliminating the need for personnel to climb to the ceiling. 
  • Enhanced Security: The FVC-1000 prioritizes safety with features like a lockable testing access panel to prevent unauthorized use and a removable handle that can be securely stored within the frame. 
  • Universal Application: This winch is a perfect solution for all theaters equipped with smoke vent doors on the roof that require regular testing.

Selecting the Best Fire Curtain Hoist in 3 Easy Steps 

Here’s a breakdown to help you navigate the selection process: 

  1. Capacity: Evaluate the combined weight of your fire curtain and hardware. Our line shaft hoist offers a higher direct-lift capacity (1,700 lbs). 
  2. Space and Facility Structure: Line shaft hoists require installation directly above the fire curtain, with sufficient space for the motor unit and drum assemblies. Drum hoists offer more flexibility, allowing for mounting on the stage floor or wall. 
  3. Curtain Operation: Straight-lift curtains require pulling from the top for raising and lowering. Braille fire curtains fold upwards from the bottom. Both lineshafts and drum hoists are suitable for these applications. We also recommend fire curtains crafted from Thermatex® fabric for optimal fire resistance. 

Thern Stage: Your Partner in Theatre Fire Safety  

The FVC-1000 Fire Vent Closure Winch is a testament to Thern Stage’s commitment to developing products that address the specific needs of the theatre industry. It goes beyond simply meeting safety standards – it offers practical solutions that streamline maintenance processes and prioritize user safety. 

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late: Prioritize Safety with Thern Stage 

A fire doesn’t wait for you to be prepared. Contact our experts today to discuss how we can equip your space with a reliable fire curtain system and the revolutionary FVC-1000 Fire Vent Closure Winch, providing invaluable peace of mind. 

We take fire safety seriously, and we know you do too. Let Thern Stage be your partner in creating a safe and secure environment for your audience and performers.