Great Theatrical Rigging Accessories are the Key to a Superior Venue

theatrical rigging accessories

Great Theatrical Rigging Accessories are the Key to a Superior Venue

theatrical rigging accessories

Theatrical rigging brings a stage to life through multiple components working together to create a masterpiece. A big part of this comes from many small accessories.

Thern Stage offers many different theatrical rigging accessories to help bring your stage to the next level. Our accessories are designed with installation and longevity in mind. Thern’s design team has years of experience installing, operating, and maintaining rigging systems. This experience has been incorporated into all products.

Theatrical Rigging Accessories by Thern Stage

Here are some of the key accessories in creating a superior venue.

Pipe Battens and Ladder Battens:

Pipe battens are pipes hung from the structure of a building. They are used for attaching scenery, projection screens, or lighting equipment.

Pipe Batten
Pipe Batten

Manufactured to design specifications and pre-drilled and finished with a smooth, durable satin-black finish, Thern battens offer strong, reliable performance. Welded ladder battens are manufactured doubled battens with flat steel webbing to provide the increased stiffness and stability required of heavier stage loads while still providing easy installation. Thern also can provide custom batten assemblies if needed from the customer.

Batten Clamps:

Batten clamps are used to connect wire rope lift lines to battens. Cut and formed specifically for stage battens, Thern pipe clamps offer a strong, rigid connection.

Guide Shoes:

Guide shoes are used to guide the arbor along the tracks that are mounted to the stage wall.

Thern provides a wide range of guide shoes for our Brickhouse® Front-Loading Arbors, traditional rod arbors, as well as floor tension blocks. The guide shoes include extra-thick backing plates and a convenient “twist to install” feature, making them fast and easy to install on-site. All Thern guide shoes have UHMW guides for decades of quiet and smooth performance. Thern can also provide roller guides and custom guide assemblies when necessary.

Thern offers even more theatrical rigging accessories to help create the magic backstage, including:



Cable Cradles

Wall Knees

Trim Chains

End Caps

Loft Block Idlers

Thern also provides a wide range of non-standard stage rigging equipment. So, if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, we still may have a solution for you and are here to help! We enjoy providing assistance to find exactly the right equipment for the job. Contact Thern stage today!