Take Your Performance to New Heights with Versatile Stage Hoists

Thern Stage Equipment

Take Your Performance to New Heights with Versatile Stage Hoists


Thern Stage Equipment


Across the nation and around the world, Thern Stage has provided versatile stage hoists for various high-profile venues. You can find our equipment in performing art centers, schools, arenas, museums, and churches, lifting lighting/battens, moving walls, storing extra bleachers, and so much more. No matter how challenging or unique the application, our experienced team works closely with our customers to fully understand the requirements of their projects.

Stage Hoists to Streamline Various Applications

Pilewind Hoist

Pilewind Hoist

One of our most versatile stage hoists is our line of pilewind hoists, also called “yo-yo” drum hoists. They are compact and can be mounted in various configurations and orientations for use in a wide range of applications. The most common uses are for lifting lighting and utility battens above stages. The second most common uses are for front-of-house lighting positions and speaker-raising applications. These helpful hoists are best for theaters, museums, and other venues where a smaller-sized solution is required.

Thern Stage’s pilewind hoists use half-inch-thick steel plates to create individual wire rope winding chambers on the drum. The result is a compact, zero-fleet angle hoist that can be mounted on stage floors, walls, ceilings, rigging grids, or other structures. This equipment offers exceptionally quiet operation and safety features such as an integrated secondary brake and rotary limits for secure operation.

With an available load capacity of 1,200 or 2,100 lbs., our pilewind hoists offer the greatest flexibility of any stage hoist, especially when coupled with Thern Stage head blocks and loft blocks. Pair the hoist with our convenient control systems for easy and repeatable operations. Also available in a manual hand winch option, our pilewind hoists offer optimal flexibility.

Line Shaft Rope

Line Shaft Hoist

Another versatile option includes our line shaft hoists that offer direct lifting abilities without requiring auxiliary blocks and other rigging for a quiet, reliable performance. This high-capacity hoist makes lifting multi-line setups simpler. These units install easily and use a single motor to drive one drum for each lift line, which evenly distributes loading on the grid or building. Because line shaft hoists provide quiet and direct-lift performance, they can eliminate any side loads on the venue. The standard capacity for these hoists ranges from 1,000 to 3,500 lbs. If you need additional lifting power, we can customize line shaft hoists with load capacities of up to 30,000 lbs.

A Stage Hoist Case Study

The historic Christ Church in New York City is home to Thern stage hoists that lift and lower chandeliers. To maintain and clean the delicate chandeliers hanging 35 feet in the air, Christ Church required an innovative solution to reach them. Northeast Stage, a theatrical installer, designed a rigging and power cable management system as a solution, and they recommended Thern Stage to get the job completed. They specified eight pilewind hoists, including one hoist for each 400-lb. chandelier. They were installed in the small attic of the church. In the end, these hoists provided the compact and reliable solution required by the church.

The Top Advantages of Thern Stage Hoists

Thern Stage maintains a long-standing reputation for manufacturing excellence in safe and secure lifting solutions within the theater and entertainment market. “We can customize the number of lift lines from 2 up to 10 lines. Our drum plates are electroplated for maximum durability over time. We devised a unique anchoring system for the lift lines that allow them to be indexed to exit the drum at 90-degree intervals. This allows a hoist to be placed between loft blocks, the lift lines to exit in different directions, and to ensure proper and equal winding. We can also offer high-quality controls for standard needs and positioning,” noted Business Development Manager Paul Brunner. 

Our adaptable stage hoists offer a wide range of load capacities and are specially designed to meet ANSI standards. Additionally, they significantly improve safety, particularly for varying loads when lighting plots are changed per production. Our in-house engineering experts can customize any of our hoists to meet your exact needs. 

Connect with our team if you’re looking for a stage hoist with enhanced flexibility and quality not offered by other suppliers. Our ultimate goal is to have your venue operate at its very best.