Fire Vent Closure Winches

Fire vents are required in some theaters and other multi-story structures to provide code-compliant ventilation in the event of a fire. Annual testing and resetting of fire vents is a difficult challenge, and Thern Stage Equipment’s fire vent closure winch provides a unique solution to streamline this process.

Product Description

Our fire vent closure winch is a purpose-build, manually controlled winch that allows the operator to easily close, test, inspect, and release spring-actuated fire vent hatches on the roof of a venue. Enhance the winch with an optional electro thermal link (ETL) to automatically release fire vent doors in the event of a fire for additional peace of mind.

Made to last, our components are comprised of durable, heavy-duty materials. We guarantee consistent service life for your Thern Stage Equipment fire vent closure winch by offering a two-year limited warranty to make sure that you’re 100% satisfied.

Key Features

  • Band brake adjusts to provide adequate braking tension
  • Spring-loaded ratchet delivers positive load control
  • Removable handle stores in a secure compartment
  • Designed for use with standard ETL (sold separately)
  • Integrated testing and reset mechanisms that leave the ETL in tact
  • Hinged access panel can be locked to prevent unauthorized operation
  • Spur gears are machine cut from solid steel
  • Dichromate black-plated finish protects against corrosion
  • Bronze and radial ball bearings provide smooth, efficient operation
  • Designed for horizontal base or wall mounting to fit most any application

Operation Guidelines

For installation, preparation, cleaning, and additional operation instructions, please refer to the owner’s manual.

Venue Applications

Proscenium theatres where code requires fire vent smoke hatches.

Fire Vent Closure Hoist
Fire Vent Closure Hoist Rope
Fire Vent Closure Hoist Lock
Fire Vent Closure Hoist Brake
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Model Single Line Load Rating Wire Rope Diameter Travel Distance
FVC-1000 1,000 lbs 3/16" 32'
Owner's Manual
Cut Sheet
Fire Vent Closure Hoist

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