Rigging Lighting with Thern Stage Equipment

Rigging Lighting

Rigging Lighting Made Easy with Thern Stage Equipment


Rigging Lighting

Thern Stage offers standard and customizable solutions for rigging lighting in a wide variety of venues. Keep reading for some examples.


Backstage Solutions for Rigging Lighting

Pilewind Hoist

Pilewind hoists (or “yo-yo” drum hoists) can be mounted in various configurations and orientations. They also provide zero fleet angle performance in tight spaces. The lifting cables on a pilewind hoist exit the drums from any angle, allowing for great flexibility in rigging design. With a load capacity of 1,200 and 2,100 pounds, the pilewind hoist is also available with a manual hand crank. These features make Thern Stage Equipment’s pilewind hoist a good solution for chandeliers, lighting battens, lighting trusses, house lighting, or specialty illumination needs.


lineshaft hoist

Line Shaft Hoist

The line shaft hoist provides high-capacity lifting and makes lifting multi-line setups simpler. These units install easily and use a single motor to drive one drum for each lift line, which evenly distributes loading on the grid or building. Because line shaft hoists provide quiet and direct-lift performance, they eliminate any side loads on the building structure. The standard capacity for these hoists ranges from 1,000 to 3,500 pounds. Custom line shaft hoists can be designed with load capacities up to 30,000 pounds.


Counterweight Assist Hoist

Counterweight Assist Hoist

Thern Stage’s counterweight assist hoist is a motorized alternative to the traditional, manually operated counterweight rigging set. The motorized counterweight assist hoist securely lifts up to 1,500 pounds. When coupled with a standard counterweight arbor, it can safely raise and lower stage battens loaded with over 3,000 pounds of lighting. The counterweight assist hoist can also be conveniently incorporated into existing counterweight rigging systems.



Clew Winch

Clew Winches

Thern Stage’s manual and motorized clew winches are an economical option for rigging lighting. The clew winch ensures simple and secure operation. Our clew winch has a lifting capacity of 2,500 pounds and controls that provide uncomplicated and secure operation. Additionally, Thern’s clew winches conform to ANSI E1.4-3 for manually operated hoists.



Why Thern Stage Equipment?

Thern Stage’s clew winches, pilewind hoists, line shaft hoists, and counterweight assist hoists are the best solutions for rigging stage lighting. Not only do these Thern products offer a wide range of load capacities appropriate to lighting battens, but they are designed to meet ANSI standards for entertainment hoists. Additionally, they greatly improve safety, particularly for varying loads as lighting plots are often changed per production. Furthermore, Thern’s stage hoists have versatile designs that are suitable for any facility. Customizable options include:

  • Variety of load capacities
  • Variety of mounting configurations
  • Extensive line of control options from basic to advanced positioning

Finally, Thern Stage Equipment provides you with a long-standing reputation of manufacturing excellence in safe and secure solutions. All the winches and hoists mentioned above have the quality and reliability Thern Stage has a reputation for.

Contact a Thern Stage Equipment sales representative today to purchase a comprehensive and customizable system for rigging lighting with a level of flexibility not offered by other suppliers.