Clew Winches

Fly your rigging effortlessly with reliable and economical clew winches by Thern Stage Equipment. Count on our industry-leading clew winches to deliver a smooth performance show after show.

Product Description

Add extra handling power to your stage crew with a manual or powered clew winch. Raise and lower lights, scenery battens, curtains, screens, and other multi-line loads with ease. Lift up to 2,500 lbs at heights up to 40 feet, with an integrated brake and lock mechanism for security, all in a compact space. Our powered clew winches include a secondary brake, rotary limit switch, and controls for push-button operation.

Offering the quality and convenience of a fully engineered theatrical rigging system, our clew winch line sets offer simple and secure operation. Our rigging systems were made to seamlessly work together, but the modular designs give you the option of choosing the individual equipment you need.

Made to last, our components are comprised of durable, heavy-duty materials. We guarantee consistent service life for your Thern Stage Equipment clew winch system by offering a two-year limited warranty to make sure that you’re 100% satisfied.

Key Features

  • 8:1 design factor
  • 1,100 or 2,500 lbs capacity
  • Manual or motorized
  • Single or dual drum versions
  • Internal brake for positive load control
  • Redundant haul lines
  • Grooved drums extend wire rope life
  • Lock-out pin with a padlock prevents unauthorized use (for manual clew winch only)
  • Guide wires install easily with adjustable guide bars and shaft collars
  • Minimize fleet angle when clew is close to winch through narrow drum compartments and parallel winding
  • Easy attachment of wire rope with keyhole anchors
  • Drill drivable (for manual clew winch only)
  • Universal mounting to wall or base

Operation Guidelines

For installation, preparation, cleaning, and additional operation instructions, please refer to the owner’s manual.

Venue Applications

Large and small theater venues, arenas, churches, museums, convention centers, places of worship, and other large event facilities. This winch is ideal for venues where traditional counterweight rigging systems cannot fit.

Customization Options & Accessories

Thern Stage Equipment will work with you to customize your clew winch system with the features and accessories you need to suit your specific application. Options include:

  • Clew plates
  • Guide wire kits
  • Blocks
  • Motorized configurations
  • Drill drive motors (for drill drive operation using hex drive input)
  • Mounting pedestals
  • Wall mount kits

For more information, please contact customer service at 507-454-2996.

Clew Winch CW11-2M
Clew Winch CW25-2M
Clew Winch C4423
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Series Name Number of Haul Lines Haul Line GAC Diameter Max. Travel Distance Capacity
CW11 1 5/16" 40 ft 1,100 lbs
CW11 2 1/4" 40 ft 1,100 lbs
CW25 1 3/8" 40 ft 2,500 lbs
CW25 2 5/16" 40 ft 2,500 lbs

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