Fire Curtain Theater Drum Hoist

Fire Curtain Winch

A Reliable Fire Curtain Theater Drum Hoist by Thern Stage


In the event of a fire, protect your audience with a Thern Stage fire curtain theater drum hoist.

Fire Curtain Drum Hoist
DWFC Series


USA-Made Fire Curtain Theater Drum Hoist: Features & Benefits

This fire curtain drum hoist has a compact and customizable design that can be mounted in a variety of configurations.

Fire Curtain Drum Hoist

The drum hoist combines the user controls and motor starter into the hoist cabinet. This makes for easy installation and saves valuable space.

fire curtain drum hoist controls

Also, it’s possible to remove the controls for remote mounting.

Fire codes are specific to each state and community. Therefore, Thern Stage’s fire curtain drum hoist is customizable in how it triggers the fire curtain mechanism. Thern fire curtains provide a variety of releasing mechanisms that comply with standards across the United States and the world. Whether it’s manual-pull release stations, heat detectors, or an alarm interface, Thern is able to accommodate. This fire curtain theater hoist is available in multiple three-phase voltages, making it customizable to fit the electrical output of the event space.


Like all of Thern’s equipment, the fire curtain hoist is composed of durable, heavy-duty materials. It is critical to the safety of a venue that a fire curtain system does not wear down easily. From theaters to museums, Thern offers a fire safety curtain system to fit any space.

Fire Vent Closure Hoist
FVC-1000 Series
Fire Curtain Winch Line Shaft
LSFC Series


In addition to the fire curtain drum hoist, Thern Stage offers the fire vent closure winch and the fire curtain line shaft hoist for an increased weight capacity.

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