Brickhouse™ Arbors

With a revolutionary front-loading design, Thern Stage Equipment Brickhouse™ arbors deliver a level of operator convenience and load handling security that’s superior to traditional side-loading arbors. Bricks install faster and safer from the front and from any shelf for maximum load capability. Hold more weight, more securely, and in less space to travel longer distances.

Product Description

First of its kind, our Brickhouse™ arbor is an enclosed counterweight arbor carriage that entirely contains the weights with integrated shelves. Designed to be ergonomically friendly for all users, weights are loaded and unloaded from the front, rather than the side, onto the steel shelves. The arbor can ride in most existing guide walls or be incorporated with a new Thern Stage Equipment guide wall for a smooth and quiet operation every time. Load weights where it is most convenient to counterbalance your scenery, lighting, curtains, and other production elements.

Made to last, our components are comprised of durable, heavy-duty materials. We guarantee consistent service life for your Thern Stage Equipment Brickhouse™ arbor by offering a two-year limited warranty to make sure that you