Reliable Fire Curtain System for Performing Art Venues

Fire curtain system

Fire curtain system

Reliable Fire Curtain System for Performing Art Venues

The world is a place of uncertainties — and Thern® Stage Equipment helps performing art venues prepare for the worst. In the unfortunate case of a fire, fire curtain hoists by Thern Stage help to effectively prevent heat, smoke, and flames on stage from reaching the audience. Thern offers three different fire curtain hoists that are part of a larger fire curtain system and have the ability to integrate with the venue’s fire alarm system. Keep reading to learn more about the unique differences between the models we offer.

Thern Stage Fire Curtain System Hoists

1. Fire Curtain Drum Hoist

The fire curtain drum hoist, or braille winch, is suitable for providing up to 1,000 lbs of lift for a braille style or straight lift fire curtain. It can also be used with a lattice track counterweight system. This hoist includes a compact design, versatile mounting configurations, and integrated hydraulic-controlled lowering for emergencies.

2. Traction Drive Fire Curtain Hoist

The traction drive fire curtain hoist, a newer offering from Thern Stage Equipment, provides up to 1,000 lbs of lifting by applying friction to the wire rope lift lines and is designed for grid or head beam mounting. This hoist is to be used with a counterweighted fire curtain system. It offers the same integrated hydraulic-controlled lowering as the drum hoist.

3. Line Shaft Fire Curtain Hoist

Thern Stage’s line shaft fire curtain hoist provides up to 1,700 lbs of lift capacity. The hoist uses a single motor with common shafting to drive one drum for each lift line. This allows for greater load capacities without introducing horizontal loads to the building structure. This hoist includes integrated hydraulic-controlled lowering like the other two hoists.

Durable and made to last, the components of all Thern Stage fire curtain hoists are manufactured with heavy-duty materials. Thern Stage is a one-stop-shop for complete fire curtain systems with available smoke pockets, smoke seals, controls, push stations, a fire vent closure winch, and more. Be prepared with fail-safe smoke control and help protect your audience and facility with a fire curtain hoist by Thern Stage. Contact us for a complimentary quote on a fire curtain system today!