Product Spotlight: Loft Block

Upright or Underhung Loft Block: Product Spotlight

Loft Block

Ensure smooth and quiet operation with Thern Stage Loft Block.


Are you looking for a convenient installation and solid construction while still ensuring a smooth and quiet operation during your performance? Thern Stage Equipment’s upright and underhung Loft Blocks are the solution! Every lift line in a rigging system requires a loft block, this directs a wire rope lift line from a batten over to the head block. Our loft blocks integrate the side plates and mounting angles into one solid side piece. Our sheaves, available in Nylatron or steel include precision ball bearings for exceptionally smooth and low-friction performance. The sheaves are available in 6”, 8”, and 12” sheave diameters with various rope diameters that range from 1/8” to over 1” grooving.  All Thern Stage Equipment blocks are engineered to conform to ANSI standards for theatrical rigging with an 8:1 design factor.

From small theater venues to arenas, churches, or museums, Thern loft blocks are used for applications of all kinds. Can’t find exactly what you need? Thern stage can provide custom blocks to meet the needs of your specific application. Customizations include idlers (a standard accessory), increased load capacities, groove arrangements, compound blocks, and multi-directional assemblies.

All Thern Stage equipment is built to last. With components that are made of durable, heavy-duty materials, we guarantee a long and consistent service life with optimal operation. For details on our loft blocks as well as our reliable clew winches, hoists, and controls, visit Thern Stage. Learn more about your stage equipment needs and leave the heavy lifting to us.