Indoor/Outdoor Winches & Hoists for Flexible Theatrical Systems

Clew Winch and Pilewind Hoist

Indoor/Outdoor Winches & Hoists for Flexible Theatrical Systems


Outdoor and indoor winch



The world of entertainment has required venues to become more flexible. Recently there’s been a large shift to outdoor performances as thespians sought to safely practice their art. Technical directors have been looking to convert to more flexible theatrical systems, where they can easily change the theatrical environment with minimal cost and time commitment. Thern Stage offers solutions such as indoor/outdoor winches to support these needs.


Indoor/Outdoor Winches & Hoists Offered by Thern Stage

Thern Stage has a variety of equipment that supports this new trend, specifically the pilewind hoist and the clew winch.


Pilewind Hoist

Pilewind hoists are compact and can be mounted in a variety of configurations and orientations for use in a wide range of applications, from stage electrics and utility battens to speaker clusters, chandeliers, trusses, and banners. Also referred to as “yo-yo” drum hoists, the lifting cables on a pilewind hoist can exit the drums from any angle and provide zero fleet angle performance in tight spaces.

With a load capacity of 2,100 pounds, Thern’s pilewind hoist offers the greatest flexibility of any hoist, especially when coupled with Thern Stage head blocks and loft blocks. Controls offer straightforward and secure operation that includes rotary limits for reliable performances. A positioning system allows the end user to consistently move to pre-determined locations whenever desired. Available with a manual hand crank, pilewind hoists offer the flexibility customers need.


Clew Winches

Thern Stage’s manual and motorized clew winches are the most flexible and economical options in entertainment for indoor or outdoor winches. They are used in venues around the world for everything including stage lighting battens, art installations, front-of-house lighting fixtures, chandeliers, off-stage storage areas, speaker clusters, side tab curtains, side lighting positions, and banners and signs. The clew winch ensures simple and secure operation and the modular system design allows customers to choose the equipment they require for their application.

Much like the pilewind hoist, Thern’s clew winch has a lifting capacity of 2,100 pounds and controls that provide uncomplicated and secure operation. It is also available with a manual crank or powered option. When paired with other theatrical rigging equipment from Thern Stage, the clew winch is a fantastic addition to a flexible theatrical system.


All Thern Stage products are finished with a black satin enamel appropriate for outdoor use. Thern Stage highly recommends that any outdoor winches or hoists be protected from the elements with a cover or shroud. Call a Thern Stage representative about your flexible theatrical design and get a free quote today.