Innovative Stage Rigging Equipment: The Brickhouse™ Front-Loading Arbor

The Brickhouse™ Front-Loading Arbor

Thern Stage Equipment A Revolutionary Front-Loading Arbor

The Brickhouse™ Front-Loading Arbor spurred a revolution in counterweight stage rigging equipment. Thern Stage Equipment’s front-loading arbor delivers a level of operator convenience and safety that is more ergonomic than traditional side-loading arbors. By allowing bricks to be loaded from the front, adjustments can be made faster and more conveniently to any shelf position.

The Brickhouse is able to be installed in most existing guide walls, and the front-loading arbor design is a great option when looking to upgrade an existing counter weight rigging system. The capability to load weights to where it is most convenient allows users to counterbalance scenery, lighting, curtains and other productions elements more efficiently than traditional side-loading rod arbors. Thern Stage Equipment utilizes components engineered to withstand decades of use while remaining quiet and reliable. The robust design and hundreds of successful installations allows Thern Stage Equipment to confidently back the product with an iron clad two-year warranty.

Ergonomic Stage Rigging Equipment

The concept of a front-loading arbor eliminated the need to remove a hand from weights while loading or unloading, as is typical with traditional side-loading arbors. By allowing an operator to keep both hands on a weight, the arbor design encourages safer practices when loading and unloading the arbor. While some facilities opt to reuse existing weights, specialized weights that feature a handle grip are available for use with the front-loading arbor.

Thern Stage Equipment - Brickhouse Arbor

The loading shelves of Thern’s front-loading arbor change how users think of stage rigging equipment. Operators may place arbor weights on a loading shelf at the most convenient location within the arbor, regardless of how much weight is required. By choosing to store pipe-weight at the top of the arbor, the rigger can still easily access the base live load weight making loading and unloading the arbor a more consistent activity. Lastly, the loading shelves eliminate the need for unwieldly spreader plates required by side-loading rod arbors.

A self-locking gate fully encloses the arbor structure to prevent accidental escape of counterweight bricks. This gate features two step, lift-to-open operation, allowing easy access while still providing enhanced load security.

Thern’s Brickhouse front-loading arbor rides upon quiet, reliable guide shoes. These shoes provide continuous slots in which the arbor can travel. Composed of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and steel, the guides shoes ensure ultra-smooth, quiet operation. Installers are always impressed that during assembly of the guide wall, the guide shoes are quickly and simply swiveled into place and secured. No disassembly is required when installing the arbor.

Utilizing the Brickhouse front-loading arbor in your stage rigging equipment system, operators can ergonomically load more weight, more securely, in less space. Contact a Thern Stage Equipment representative today!