Elevate Health and Safety On Stage

Minimize risk backstage

Elevate Health and Safety on Stage

with the Right Equipment


Minimize risk backstage


Health and safety on stage is an important aspect when designing theatrical rigging equipment. Thern Stage manufactures backstage equipment that reduces the likelihood of potential hazards in the performing arts. Thern Stage is in the business of hazard prevention.

Here are several products we offer that minimize risks backstage and promote good health and safety on stage.


Promote Health and Safety on Stage with Thern Brickhouse™ Arbors

Thern Brickhouse arbors are a revolution in stage rigging safety. First, it is difficult for the stage weights to accidentally dislodge thanks to the Brickhouse front-loading arbor’s self-latching gate. Second, this arbor does not require someone to remove one hand as a brick is added to the stack. Because of the front-loading design, they can keep two hands on the weight, from floor to carriage. Loading an arbor with both hands minimizes the risk of dropping a weight. Finally, the Brickhouse arbor’s design is ergonomic in nature. The end user does not need to bend down to load the arbor. These features are in the photo below.

brickhouse arbor


Reducing Potential Hazards with Thern Brickhouse Rope Locks

The Brickhouse rope lock is another piece of equipment by Thern Stage that promotes health and safety on stage. When used correctly, Thern Stage’s rope lock reduces potential hazards. It can provide an early indication of an out-of-balance line set, so that the end user may remedy the situation before something goes wrong. A properly adjusted Brickhouse rope lock allows the line to slowly slip through the lock mechanism if the line set is out of balance. This is not the case with standard rope locks, and an operator may not take notice of an out of balance line set until it’s too late. The best safety devices provide early indication of a potential hazard to prevent anything bad from happening. The Brickhouse rope locks do just that.


Be More Precise with Motorized Hoists

Like the Brickhouse arbor, motorized hoists offer a healthier, more ergonomic solution to backstage rigging. Instead of manually heaving a rope line, operate the line set with one of the many motorized hoists by Thern Stage. These motorized hoists offer a greater scope of performance with increased lift capacity. They also provide precise, repeatable positioning using digital controls enabling the use of sensors and multi-hoist functionality.

motorized hoist


Work More Safely with Loft Blocks

All Thern loft blocks maintain the safe working load limit for the wire rope being used, making the design of rigging systems safer and easier. For example, an 8-inch loft block provides 875 pounds of safe working load limit for ¼” wire rope (7,000 divided by 8). This means end users can expect maximum performance from Thern counterweight equipment with confidence knowing the loft blocks safely match the load rating of the wire rope.

loft block



Thern Stage Equipment products are designed with the health and safety of the end user in mind. Each piece of equipment has a specific function that reduces risk in the theater. All of our products are top quality and, when properly cared for, Thern Stage Equipment solutions last longer than its competitors.

Help us help you improve health and safety on stage. Contact your Thern Stage sales representative today.