Times Square Ball

The Client

Located in New York City on the roof of the One Times Square building, the Times Square Ball is a prominent part of an annual New Year’s Eve celebration commonly referred to as the ball drop. During this event, the ball descends 141 feet in 60 seconds down a flagpole, beginning at 11:59 p.m. ET and resting at midnight to end the famous countdown.

The Challenge

Such a high-profile spectacle demands that everything runs perfectly, so a custom winch was needed to lower the ball in exactly the time allotted. The ball itself is 12 feet in diameter, weighing in at 11,875 pounds, and consists of 32,256 LED lights. With only one operation per year, the winch had to perform flawlessly.

Thern's Solution

Thern Stage Equipment was selected to custom design and manufacture a winch capable of lifting and lowering the Times Square Ball. The 4HPF40M-S8 power winch is specially designed for inverted mounting below the platform on which the pole is mounted, with precision-line speed to lower the ball in sync with the countdown clock, a closed-loop line system, and a herringbone grooving on the drum for maximum handling control of the 3/4 inch wire rope which connects to the ball.

The Results

Once a year, Thern Stage Equipment shines on the world’s largest stage on New Year’s Eve at One Times Square in New York. Annually, over a billion sets of eyes focus their attention on the large, illuminated Times Square Ball as it descends during the final minute countdown, coming to rest at the base at midnight to ring in the new year. This unique event is among one of the most notable New Year’s celebrations worldwide.

Custom Winch

thern winches and cranes, made in usa

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