Thern Presents: Creativity and Art Have a New Home

The Client:

Wisconsin cities of Gale, Ettrick, and Trempealeau (GET) strive to offer all members of their community opportunities to succeed. While they have state-of-the-art fieldhouses and a stadium, they were missing a center for the arts. To bring more creativity, art, and theatrics into the community they have added a brand-new Performing Arts Center into the local high school. With an innovative and top of the line design, this will be the location of concerts, plays, and events for decades to come.

The Challenge:

Along with a new theater, comes new rigging systems to support the facility. Needing a complete rigging system, GET required a company that could offer the whole package.

Thern Stage’s Solution:

Thern supplied all the stage rigging equipment, including Thern® Brickhouse Arbors, Rope Locks, Rigging Blocks, and a comprehensive rigging guide wall system to provide the advanced system for this new performing arts center. To support music and drama productions,  the over stage lighting positions and orchestra shell equipment are all operated with Thern products. To integrate the rigging system into the facility, Thern partnered with Mainstage Theatrical Supply.

Thern is honored to play a major role in the success of the District’s new Performing Arts Center that will serve the school and surrounding community.