Theater Stage Design & Installation: Insights from Industry Professionals

theater stage design

theater stage design

Theater Stage Design & Installation: Insights from Industry Professionals

In a previous blog, Top Five Stage Equipment Dealers and Installers, Thern® Stage highlighted some reputable and trustworthy professionals from the theater industry it partners with to provide clients with the best experience possible. To gain some insight into the process of theater stage design and installation, Thern Stage asked these professionals to share some of the challenges and business trends they are currently facing. Here is what’s on their minds!

Expert FAQS on Theater Stage Design & Installation

What are the biggest challenges you encounter when planning an installation for a venue?

“Coordination with other trades and making sure we are on-site at the right time as the construction progresses.” —Dan, President, Beck Studios

“Timeline and schedule.” —Tyler, Managing Director, Visional Productions

The biggest challenge that dealers and installers face is time. Installation planning for a venue requires coordination between many people and organizations. The Thern Stage team recognizes this by providing prompt quotes for an installation-friendly product.

What venues are the most challenging and why?

Churches who want to add rigging and lighting for productions as there is not typically any structure in place for mounting equipment.” —Dan, President, Beck Studios

 “Older venues were built like it would last forever — and that is simply not the case.” —Tyler, Managing Director, Visional Productions

Historic venues are amongst the most challenging theater stage design and installation environments to work in, and Thern Stage has the experience necessary for a successful project. Ask someone on the Thern Stage sales team about your historic venue today!

What are the biggest pain points when turning a non-theater space into a theater space?

“Structural accommodation for theater rigging and equipment.” —Tony, Nextstage Design

“The floor construction generally has the greatest demand on it from theater use and needs special attention.” —Michael, Theatre Projects

Theater stage design and installation can be a huge undertaking. The Thern Stage sales team understands and works to make the experience as painless as possible. They do this by communicating with professionals from the industry to generate solutions for the venue.

Do you envision any trends that will impact your design and installation process?

“A general movement to require large portions of equipment prepaid.” —Mark, Owner & CEO, Batts AVL

 “More stage automation and motion control. Thern is helping lead the way in that.”  —Tyler, Managing Director, Visional Productions

What are some of the biggest changes you are seeing in the industry?

“Network control systems and load-cell monitoring.” —Tony, Nextstage Design

“Web-based design meetings. All shop drawings submitted as pdfs and reviewed in software. Also, construction schedules on private and developer projects, but not as much for university and municipal PACs.” —Michael, Theatre Projects

Thern Stage leads the way in product innovation, accomplished by listening to experts in the field like dealer and installer professionals, as well as facility planners and consultants. Thern is able to experience trends that keep Thern Stage Equipment on the cutting edge of innovation.

Are you seeing any post-COVID-19 trends that are impacting design and installation?

“COVID did not impact our workload in any way. As we are coming out of it, the demand seems to be growing at a very fast rate.” —Mark, Owner & CEO, Batts AVL

“Other than material cost and availability, we seem to be moving past COVID.” —Dan, President, Beck Studios

 “Not really, other than lack of materials.”—Tyler, Managing Director, Visional Productions

Has COVID-19 impacted theatrical facility planning?

“Yes, most design work is now online and moving faster and faster.” —Tony, Nextstage Design

“We have been busy all along.” —Stanley, AVL Designs, Inc.

Thern Stage experienced a similar trend. Demand for quality products has remained high throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and Thern Stage Equipment has had the opportunity to work with designers and installers to meet this demand.

Thern Stage Equipment approaches every theater stage design and installation with the objective of designing, building, and supplying top-quality stage equipment. It’s difficult to complete this task without the support of a trusted and knowledgeable dealer, installer, and theater facility planner on the team. Not only do these working relationships guarantee a job well done, but they also provide valuable insight into the theatrical industry.

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