Top Five Stage Equipment Dealers and Installers for Your Venue

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Top Five Stage Equipment Dealers and Installers for Your Venue

No matter how challenging or unique the application, Thern® Stage Equipment always approaches a project with the objective of designing, building, and supplying top-quality stage equipment. Of course, Thern Stage cannot do that without the support of a reliable dealer or installer. We’d like to highlight five companies that Thern Stage Equipment trusts to help them get the job done!

Recommended Stage Equipment Dealers and Installers You Can Count On

1. Beck Studios, Inc.

A full-service stage equipment supplier, Beck Studios is located in Milford, OH. Established in 1856, Beck Studios services entertainment venues and houses of worship in the Midwest and beyond. Their services include inspection, installation, and design. Beck also provides maintenance of a wide range of stage equipment, including rigging, drapery and track, lighting, orchestra shells, and projection screens. Beck Studios is a  proud employer of ETCP-certified riggers, so Thern knows they are a reliable choice. Call Beck for your next project today!

2. Janson Industries

Janson Industries, based in Canton, OH, provides stage equipment, including rigging, lighting, draperies and track, and orchestra shells throughout the country. For over 85 years, Janson has provided high-quality installation and inspection services and is an ETCP-recognized employer. Servicing all states, Janson provides fast responses with a highly experienced and professional team. Thern is proud of the long and increasingly busy relationship with Janson Industries.

3. Batts AVL

Situated in Denison, TX, Batts AVL is a full-service audio/video/lighting company for schools, houses of worship, and commercial entities. Servicing Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana, Batts specializes in custom design and integration services. In the past five years, Batts has partnered with Thern on some of their largest and most complicated rigging installation projects. Check out Batts’ online store, or contact Mark Batts and his team and learn how they can upgrade your facilities and stage equipment or support your next theater construction project.

4. Mainstage Theatrical

With locations in Milwaukee, Pensacola, Memphis, New Orleans, and Houston, Mainstage Theatrical is one of the leading entertainment equipment suppliers in the U.S. They supply stage equipment such as lighting and dimming equipment, rigging and curtain systems, effects, and theater and television supplies. Mainstage is also the one-stop-shop for theatrical paint, lamps, color media, hardware, fabric, makeup, and other accessories and consumables. Mainstage has partnered with Thern on several counterweight rigging projects and fire curtain system installations. From full-scale installations, rigging inspections, fire curtain service, consulting, integration services, Mainstage handles it all!

5. Harvest AV Solutions

Based in Kansas City, Harvest AV Solutions provides audio-visual solutions for schools, churches, performing art venues, government facilities, and more. Servicing the Heartland region, Harvest AV provides design and integration services with an experienced and passionate staff. Thern has partnered with Harvest on a number of projects in 2021, with several slated for 2022 and beyond.

Thern Stage wants your venue to operate at its best! Contact us today for a variety of stage equipment, including a complete line of hoists, blocks, controls, counterweight rigging equipment/accessories, and custom systems catered for a variety of venues. With assistance from their trusted dealers and installers, Thern will ensure a job well done!