The Best Cam Rope Lock for Stage Rigging Systems

The Best Cam Rope Lock for Stage Rigging Systems

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A rope lock is a lever-actuated device designed to secure the hand line and keep a balanced counterweight line set from moving up or down. A majority of counterweight rigging equipment requires this device. When Thern Stage began manufacturing the BrickhouseTM front-loading arbors, a rope lock was required to complete the counterweight rigging system. Thern Stage partnered with Hall Stage in Europe to import this specific product. Thern Stage trusted Hall Stage’s expertise because they had acted as consultants for Thern Stage Equipment in the past. Inspired by the Hall Stage product, a rope lock with a unique cam lock style was created. The BrickhouseTM rope lock refines the proven cam rope lock technology.

How Does a Cam Rope Lock Work?

All rope locks use a lever-actuated mechanism to apply friction to a hand line. The Brickhouse rope lock was the first in America to incorporate the function of a cam rope lock. Instead of using two cast-iron shoes that apply friction by squeezing and sometimes crushing the rope, it uses three shoes that are offset in order to bend the rope. This extends the life of the rope by reducing wear and avoiding deformation.

What are the Benefits?

When properly handled, the Brickhouse rope lock holds up to 50 lbs of rope tension. If a line set is more than 50 lbs out of balance, the rope will slowly slip through the lock, indicating to users that there is an out-of-balance condition that can be immediately controlled and remedied.

Traditional rope locks without cam rope lock technology do not provide any indication that a line set is out of balance. For example, if a line set out of weight, once the user disengages the lock, the line set immediately begins to move. The run-away could be dangerous, as it may be too late to gain control of the line set. The Brickhouse rope lock provides an early indication that a line set is out of balance so that the situation can be addressed.

In addition, the device is self-locking. It incorporates a thumb-button lock that quietly and automatically engages an internal locking pin. This provides single-handed operation and eliminates noisy rope rings.

The groundbreaking design of the Brickhouse rope lock is a proactive and long-lasting piece of rigging equipment. It is a perfect example of Thern’s commitment to creative and innovative designs that redefine what counterweight rigging products should be.