Streamlining Installation of Our Counterweight Assist Motorized Hoist

CWA2 Hoist Update

Streamlining Installation of Our Counterweight Assist Motorized Hoist

CWA2 Hoist Update

Automate your rigging system with Thern Stage’s newly updated counterweight assist hoist! Featuring the quality and reliability you trust, our CWA2 motorized hoist is now easier and faster to install than ever before.

New Update to the CWA2 Motorized Hoist

At Thern Stage, all of our products are specially designed with the end user in mind. We work internally among our departments to ensure that any update to an existing product meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations. We are pleased to offer a new A33800 limit switch kit, a necessary component of any CWA2 motorized hoist. Our improvements to this kit make it far easier to install the switches by eliminating the need for an electrician to run conduit. The connectorized wiring system comes with a distribution connector block and indicator lights. Thern is now incorporating this kit at no additional cost to further streamline the installation of our equipment.

What This Motorized Hoist Can Do for You


Thern Stage Equipment - Brickhouse ArborThe Thern Stage CWA2 hoist is a heavy-duty solution that supports a counterweight line set by replacing manual operation with a motorized hoist. This hoist securely lifts 1,500 lbs (or about 680 kg). When coupled with a counterweight arbor, the lifting capacity can exceed 3,000 lbs (or about 1,360 kg). The capacity of the hoist and arbor must be added together to come up with a total line set capacity. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry. Just call one of our Thern Stage representatives, and we’ll be happy to talk you through it.

stage Positioning Control systemBuilt with a versatile design, the CWA2 hoist adds safety features and capabilities to virtually any counterweight system. This hoist can lift anything from lighting battens to orchestra shells. While standard push-button controls are available, pair the hoist with a Thern Stage positioning control for precise positioning to preset locations. We also offer a convenient touch-screen pendant. 

A Safe Solution for Heavy Loads

Replace the manual operation of a counterweight line set with a powerful motorized hoist that offers smooth, quiet performance. Our CWA2 hoist is ideal for applications where heavy loads are lifted on a regular basis or positioning is important. It greatly improves the safety of raising and lowering heavy loads, particularly for varying loads, as rigging plots are often changed per production. The Thern Stage CWA2 hoist complies with the current standard, ANSI E1.6-1, for motorized entertainment hoists and includes an integrated secondary brake.  

Whether for a new theater or a rigging renovation, Thern Stage’s counterweight assist hoist delivers. As a flexible solution, the CWA2 motorized hoist can be conveniently incorporated into any existing counterweight rigging system. We’re here to help. Connect with our team today!