Stage Truss Rigging: Self-Climbing Trusses

Stage Truss Rigging

Stage Truss Rigging

Stage Truss Rigging: Self-Climbing Trusses

Lighting and stage truss rigging is a rigid framework made up of structural members. Trusses can be found in structures such as buildings, bridges, and machines around the world. They provide the structural support required to span building distances and create large openings in rooms and spaces. Stage truss rigging plays a key role in the success of a theater or musical production. 

Types of Stage Truss Rigging

Trusses have two primary applications in entertainment and theater venues: 

  1. The first is to provide structural support for theaters, museums, and places of worship, specifically designed to support the ceiling and roof loads imposed on a building. These trusses are custom engineered for facilities, often incorporating bar joists, which are made up of a welded steel joist with an open web consisting of a single bent bar running in a zigzag pattern between horizontal upper and lower chords.
  2. The second major type of truss used in theater rigging is a box truss. Box trusses are designed and manufactured to be used in a variety of entertainment applications. They are composed of three or more chords connected by transverse and/or diagonal structural elements, which are typically made of structural aluminum tubing. 

Stage Truss Rigging Solution

stage truss rigging equipment

Self-Climbing Trusses

Thern Stage Equipment offers a self-climbing truss hoist that integrates a line shaft style hoist directly into a truss for a self-contained solution. Wire ropes are wound into drums rigidly mounted within the truss. This allows for the raising and lowering of curtains, lighting, drapes, scenery, and other equipment. These trusses help simplify complex lifting loads on a building and expedite installation.

Designed for permanent installation, Thern’s self-climbing truss provides a lifting capacity of up to 3,920 lbs. 

Limited Overhead Space

When overhead space is limited, so are your options. Thern’s self-climbing truss features a hoist that is integrated into the truss; therefore, there is no machinery connected to the structure above. This is an excellent solution for places where a stable and versatile lighting position is required. When combined with our standard or positioning controls, Thern’s self-climbing truss is ready to provide decades of reliable performance.

Ultimately, trusses may or may not have to be custom-designed to support your stage. Consult a licensed structural engineer before adding stage truss rigging to any existing truss or bar joists. If you are looking for a consultation for an exceptional solution, contact the sales team at Thern Stage Equipment and elevate your performance today.