Specialized Rigging Equipment for Every Unique Application

specialized rigging equipment

Specialized Rigging Equipment for Every Unique Application

specialized rigging equipment

THERN® Stage Equipment has a longstanding tradition of delivering high-quality rigging equipment to any theatrical venue. But what if the venue is out of the ordinary or not a theatrical venue at all? Thern has it covered! Thern has a custom, specialized rigging equipment system solution for every unique application. Explore the following custom-built lifting solutions and equipment Thern has developed for out-of-the-box applications.

Specialized Rigging Equipment to Preserve History

The Scottish Rite Temple in Minneapolis wanted to modernize their rigging equipment to ensure the safe operation of their historic scenic collection. Gopher Stage Lighting contacted Thern Stage Equipment to provide custom engineered solutions that addressed the unique challenges presented by the historic facility. The counterweight line sets were about 4 inches apart, which is far closer together than standard modern theater rigging. To solve this problem and remain sensitive to the significance of the historic venue, Thern provided custom-designed counterweight arbors, roughly 3 ½ inches wide, and custom tandem head blocks. This allowed the line sets to be reinstalled at the 4-inch spacing required and maintained the necessary spacing for historic purposes with the trust and security of modern engineered rigging products.

stage rigging equipment
Winona Masonic Temple

Thern’s work on the Masonic Temple in Winona, Minnesota, applied similar solutions with the same sensitivity that breathes new life into these historic facilities. Arbors, blocks, and even motorized solutions can offer an older facility entirely new ways to serve communities. Ask Thern what we can do for your historic venue.

Not Just a Theatrical Hoist

Thern’s pilewind hoist provided a compact solution to raise and lower valuable chandeliers at Christ Church in New York City. Northeast Stage designed the rigging using eight 2-line pilewind hoists to provide easy access for cleaning and maintenance. Thern regularly provides our ANSI-E1.6-1 compliant pilewind hoists for a wide range of applications. From stage electrics and speaker clusters to Austrian drapes and curtains, pilewind hoists are a smart choice for almost any application.

christ church chandelier
Christ Church Ceiling

Also, the new stage canopy and rigging structure at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado uses three 8-line and 9-line pilewind hoists and custom controls to raise and lower sun shades. Using a series of loft blocks to maneuver the wire rope lift lines around the new structural beams, the pilewind hoists provide the compact and reliable solution required for the application.

When coupled with Thern standard controls or with added programmable positioning, pilewind hoists can be a part of a complete hoist and controls solution from Thern Stage Equipment.

Introducing the Liberty® Capstan!

liberty captsan rigging equipment
Liberty Capstan Winch

Thern’s Liberty capstan hoist can provide 1,000 lbs of lifting capacity for a wide range of applications in the entertainment industry. Whether it’s correcting out-of-balance arbors or providing a safer way to overhaul an out-of-balance line set, adjustments are made smoothly with Thern’s Liberty capstan.

Capstan winches are traditionally found in theaters designed to accommodate a large mobile capstan, but the Liberty capstan is different. Small, versatile, powerful, and using 110v power, the Liberty can pull up rigging points, pull down arbors for safer loading, and provide temporary lifting for just about any production application.

liberty capstan
Liberty Capstan Winch

The Liberty capstan winch is a seamless lifting solution to help position your gear and production equipment as an intermediate step in the installation of rigging. Capstan hoists are not designed to support loads above heads or for overhead lifting, but it will definitely make getting there safer and easier.

With a wide variety of product offerings, Thern can create a custom, specialized rigging equipment solution for every out-of-the-box venue. Contact a Thern team member and get a quote for your venue today!