State-of-the-Art Entertainment Rigging for Arenas & Stadiums: BC Place Stadium

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State-of-the-Art Entertainment Rigging for Arenas & Stadiums: BC Place Stadiumentertainment rigging

Thern® Stage has starred backstage by providing top-quality equipment. But the innovation of Thern’s theatrical rigging equipment doesn’t stop at the stage door. In fact, Thern Stage can be seen on the big stage at arenas and stadiums! State-of-the-art entertainment rigging is becoming a popular solution in these larger venues. Thern Stage’s work in the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN is one example of this. Another example is BC Place Stadium. Read more to learn about BC Place Stadium and the solution Thern Stage provided.

An Entertainment Rigging Case Study

The Venue

BC Place Stadium is in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia. Since opening in 1983, BC Place has served as a multipurpose venue. With an audience capacity of 55,000 people, they host everything from live concerts to community gatherings. BC Place is also the proud home of the Vancouver Whitecaps and the BC Lions.

The Vision

In 2010, BC Place decided to renovate. They wished to transform their domed stadium into an open-air facility. This proved challenging when they hoped to maintain a year-round event schedule. As a solution, they opted for a retractable, cable-supported fabric roof, the largest of its kind in the world.

The Solution

Working directly with engineers, Thern employed a sophisticated entertainment rigging solution. Thern built and supplied 54 custom roll drops and motors along with eight drum winch units. The roll drops are used to deploy and tension the fabric panels, as well as store them when they are not in use. A pendant control allows the crew to connect to anyone roll drop at a time and operate units individually during setup. Additionally, all 54 units are networked into a master wireless control system that operates all units simultaneously to raise, lower, and tension the panels. When deployed, the large fabric drapes create a partial false roof for the stadium.

Entertainment rigging was the key to the retractable roof over BC Place Stadium. Thanks to the innovation at Thern, this technological marvel functions to serve fans, spectators, teams, and performers at the stadium. Entertainment rigging in stadiums and arenas may seem like a huge undertaking, but Thern Stage has the expertise to provide a state-of-the-art solution.