Calling on Thern Stage: Thern’s Counterweight Guide Wall

What sets Thern’s counterweight guide wall system apart from the others?


Thern’s guide wall system is built on our custom T-Strut guide rails. Extruded from 6061-T6 aluminum, T-strut provides a secure guide for arbors and floor blocks with more rigidity than traditional J-bar systems. Available in bright aluminum, or black anodized finish, the T-shape provides a smooth and quiet guide for guide shoes, or rollers, to travel up and down. Integrated into the back of the extrusion is a hardware slot that accepts 1-1/4” A-nut Unistrut™ hardware for fast and secure installation. Illustrated below, a splice connects lengths of T-Strut directly to the Wall Batten, all using the same hardware slot. This promotes self-alignment and reinforces the T-Strut joint using commonly available hardware.

T-Strut is part of a complete system of Knee Brackets, Wall Battens, and Stop Rails to provide a high-quality guide wall for decades of trouble-free performance. Add our Lock Rail, Stanchions, and other accessories for a dependable rigging infrastructure