Calling on Thern Stage: Sizes of Thern Stage Brickhouse Front Loading Arbor

What sizes does Thern Stage offer on the Brickhouse Front Loading arbor?

The Brickhouse™ Front Loading Arbor is available in two different sized widths, the FL4 series, and FL6.  The numbers identify the arbor’s width and directly relate to the width of counterweight bricks that the arbor is designed to hold. Four-inch weights for the FL4, and six-inch weights for the FL6 series.  Each series is available in several lengths and capacities, and in single and double purchase models. Because more stage weights are stacked in a smaller space and hold securely in an enclosed steel carriage, the Brickhouse arbor maximizes batten travel and provides safer operation compared to traditional rod arbors.

Existing stage weights can be used with the Brickhouse Arbor. You could also consider Thern’s stage weights with specially designed handles for ergonomic handling and a firm handhold.  Brickhouse arbors can also be connected together in 2-wide, and 3-wide, configurations to provide 2 or 3 times more capacity in the same height.  The Brickhouse can even be configured for wire guide systems.  Brickhouse has an answer for just about any counterweight rigging system.

Visit our web site to learn more about Brickhouse™ Front Loading arbors in single and double purchase designs, and weight capacities, and have your questions answered today.