The Brickhouse™ Rope Locking Device: The New Approach to Safety

Thern® Brickhouse™ Rope Lock

The Brickhouse™ Rope Locking Device: The New Approach to Safety

Rope Locking Device from Thern® Stage - Brickhouse™ Rope Lock

Officially launched in 2010, the Brickhouse rope lock is designed with the safety of the end user in mind. The engineers at Thern® Stage created a rope locking device that not only keeps line sets in place but enhances safety backstage.

The cam-style rope lock is a belaying design that bends the rope to lock it in place. The traditional cast iron rope lock crimps the rope, thereby applying friction and wearing out the rope. The cam-style lock of the Brickhouse rope lock wears on rope significantly less than the traditional cast iron style. A worn rope is a potential hazard backstage. Ultimately, the rope in a line set will last longer when a Brickhouse rope lock is correctly used.

Thern Stage’s rope locking device is also self-locking. It features a thumb-button lock that automatically engages an internal locking pin. This enables single-handed operation, meaning the operator will always have one hand on the rope. When properly employed, single-handed operation should increase safety backstage.

Traditional cast iron rope locks do not provide any indication that a line set is out of balance. A prominent safety feature of the Brickhouse rope lock is its design that allows the load to slowly slip if it exceeds the out-of-balance setting. This feature provides early indication to the operator to fix the situation before it becomes a problem. Even if no action is taken, the load will continue to slip until it comes to rest on the stage.

Key Features of the Brickhouse Rope Locking Device

  • Handle with automatic positive-locking system
  • Push-button release eliminates the need for a lock ring
  • Quiet operation due to precision design
  • One-handed operation for safer rope management
  • Adjustable for 5/8- to 1-inch line diameters
  • Lock-out padlock capability prevents unauthorized use
  • Versatile mounting patterns for most existing lock rails

Thern Stage understands that the focus of a rigging operator shouldn’t be on the risks and hazards of the rigging system backstage. With its cam-style locking design, self-locking feature, and the ability to safely indicate an out-of-balance line set, Thern Stage’s Brickhouse rope locking device is truly inspired with safety in mind.