Best Stage Rigging Equipment to Elevate Your Performance

stage rigging equipment

Best Stage Rigging Equipment to Elevate Your Performance

stage rigging equipment

There are advantages to buying a complete theatrical rigging system from Thern Stage Equipment. One being the longevity of our product, as our theatrical rigging equipment holds up to the test of time.  Thern has manufactured high-quality stage rigging equipment for many years. In 2009, Thern introduced the first major innovation for counterweight rigging in decades: the innovative Brickhouse™ front loading arbor. Today, Thern offers a complete line of stage equipment solutions for every type of venue, from intimate theaters to large performing arts centers and concert halls.

What is Theater Rigging?

Stage rigging is a simple method to raise and lower items using a series of pulleys and weights to balance the load in equilibrium. This enables stage crews to hoist components easily, quietly, and securely such as curtains, lighting, scenery, and other stage effects. Rigging systems can be designed to lift components in and out of view of the audience and can be custom designed depending on the venue and specific applications.

Core Components of Stage Rigging Equipment:

Manual Counterweight Rigging:

This process uses a counterbalance arbor equal in weight to the load being raised or lowered. Thern uses the Brickhouse arbor and rope locks. The innovative Brickhouse arbor was one of the first of its kind, designed to hold more weight, more securely, and safer in less space to travel longer distances. Thern’s rope lock uses a unique belaying style design that eliminates the wear other locks place on the line.

When balanced, almost any operator can move the line set while maintaining safe and complete control of the line set. As stage draperies, lighting, video, sound, or scenery change from production to production, so can the weight balance. Theater rigging is customized to work properly within a facility’s structural capabilities.


The large pulleys found in stage rigging equipment are assemblies known as blocks, specifically designed for overhead loads and the essential applications found in performance and entertainment venues.  Thern blocks are made with Nylatron® sheaves to increase the life of the product, and Thern multi-groove loft blocks are recommended for a smoother lift.


Hoists may be used to increase lift capacity or provide precise and repeatable positioning. Hoists can assist in the operation of counterweight line sets, as in a counterweight assist hoist, or completely replace manual rigging. Hoists can offer a greater scope of performance with increased lift capacity, speeds, and computer-controlled capabilities with sensors and multi-hoist functionality. Thern offers an extensive line of motorized hoists and control systems specifically designed for overhead rigging situations found in performance and entertainment venues.

The Complete Package:

All Thern components are engineered to work together to build a seamless-working rigging system that will last for decades of events to come. If you are searching for a solution, Thern’s complete stage rigging equipment systems are among the highest quality available today. Contact Thern Stage Equipment to learn about professional rigging design resources in your area.