Thern Presents: A New Fine Arts Center for Holmen High School

Thern Stage provides equipment for the construction of an inclusive and engaging fine arts center at Holmen High School.


The Client:

Holmen High School is located in Holmen, WI. The mission of the school is to prepare “students for tomorrow through an engaging and inclusive educational community today.” In pursuit of this vital mission, a referendum was approved in 2018 that would build spaces for physical education, technology education, and fine arts.

The Venue:

Holmen High School sought to provide state of the art rigging for their new fine arts center. The dream was to provide an inclusive space that could be used by students and the Holmen community. They required rigging equipment that could support a theatrical production of any kind.

The Solution:

Thern Stage Equipment can be found backstage at the Holmen High School Fine Arts Center. Thern Stage supplied twenty-three BrickhouseTM arbors, head and loft blocks, battens, and a full guide wall system and lock rail with BrickhouseTM rope locks. Installed by Mainstage Theatrical, the theater is now rigged to support any sort of theatrical production.

Unfortunately, the theater has remained unused due to the COVID19 pandemic. This beautiful theater sits and waits for better days which are hopefully right around the corner. Although the theater has yet to seat an audience or stage performers, the lobby of the Holmen High School Fine Arts Center has already served the community as a testing site for COVID19 testing.

The Fine Arts Center at Holmen High School is excited to open their doors and engage their students and community in this wonderful space. If you are looking for a theatrical rigging system that can support a variety of theatrical productions, contact Thern Stage for a quote today!