Solution by Thern: NFL Draft Stage Winches and Controls

The Client:

StageFX, a prominent organization specializing in large scale structures and turnkey staging solutions, sought Thern’s expertise for a unique challenge. In November 2022, they approached Thern with a specific request involving the installation of winches within their expansive truss sections. Their objective was to lift these interconnected truss sections from ground level to a desired height, guided by vertical support box trusses. The scale of this project was remarkable, with a lifting force exceeding 26,000 lbs. The envisioned solution entailed a 4-part line rigging system to accomplish the monumental lift.


The Challenge:

Thern was tasked with developing a solution capable of precisely lifting the entire set of truss sections to a height of 100 feet, involving 400 feet of rope spooling, all while maintaining synchronized movement. The winches needed to be integrated into each truss section’s end and remain in place after the lift. The end goal was to create the overhead section for events of national significance, including the upcoming 2023 NFL Draft.




The Solution:

Thern devised a proposal that included designing and producing 16 custom 4HPF15M power winches and controls, precisely engineered for the demanding task. These winches were tailored to execute the challenging lift, ensuring synchronization and precision. The order was placed through Equipment Corps, and the resulting winches were seamlessly integrated into the truss sections, ready for the complex lift to come. The customized control system, thoughtfully designed by Thern, played a pivotal role in orchestrating the synchronized movement of the winches and securing the truss sections in their elevated positions.


The Outcome:

As the NFL Draft’s opening day approached, the significance of this project became even more apparent. The winches crafted by Thern, inconspicuously installed within the truss sections, were responsible for setting up the entire roof section above the stage for the highly anticipated 2023 NFL Draft. The Thern hoists and the custom control system played a crucial role in ensuring a seamless and impressive presentation for the event, contributing to its success.

As showcased by the 2023 NFL Draft, the excellence and precision of Thern’s winches and control systems once again demonstrated our ability to deliver customized solutions for unique and challenging projects. Whether your requirements involve large-scale structures, intricate rigging systems, or specialized controls, Thern is here to provide innovative solutions tailored to your needs. Discover how Thern’s expertise can elevate your next project by getting in touch with our dedicated team of professionals today. Together, we can turn your vision into reality.