Product Spotlight: Counterweight Assist Hoist

Thern’s newly designed Counterweight Assist Hoist provides motorized control of any line set for scenery, lighting, orchestra shells and general-purpose battens. The Counterweight Assist Hoist has a lifting capacity of 1,500 lbs., and when attached to a counterweight arbor it provides added capacity with safe and secure control. A 1,200 lbs. arbor capacity can be increased by 1,500 lbs., to 2,700 lbs., when a CWA hoist is used.

This hoist is suitable for renovations or new facilities, and available in multiple three-phase voltages. The CWA hoist and rail-mounted controls fit within 8-inch centers and replace a tension block and rope lock of a standard line set. Multiple CWA hoists can be connected to an optional touch-screen controller, and target positioning is available for precise and predicable performance. A quick-mount plate and alignment jig correctly positions the hoist directly below the arbor. Quiet and consistent performance backed by Thern’s 2-year warranty, coupled with regular inspection and maintenance, ensure Thern’s CWA hoist will support your production facility for decades to come.

Thern also manufactures a full line of motorized hoists for theatre, worship, and entertainment venues. Visit Thern Stage, for details on our reliable clew winches, roll drop machines, pile wind, line shaft, self-climbing, and fire curtain hoists and controls. When counterweight rigging is needed, Thern’s Brickhouse Frontloading Arbor and Rope Lock highlight our complete line of counterweight rigging components including high-quality blocks, guide wall systems, standard arbors, and rigging accessories.

Check out Thern Stage to learn more about your stage equipment needs and leave the heavy lifting to us.