Positioning Electrical Control Systems for Performance Consistency

Thern Stage - Positioning Control Systems

Positioning Electrical Control Systems for Performance Consistency


Thern Stage - Positioning Control Systems


At Thern Stage, we understand the importance of maintaining operational consistency during a performance. With various production elements in play, ensuring that your lighting and scenery are set at the right location and time can be challenging. As a solution, we are pleased to offer electrical control systems that make it easy to program precise and repeatable positions for all of your theatrical components.

The Advantages of Positioning Electrical Control Systems

Utilizing a positioning electrical control system within your venue offers several benefits. Consistency is key. These controls act like a digital “spike mark” that allow the operator to record specific locations for repeatable and accurate positioning. Encoder position feedback is used to indicate the precise location. These systems help to ensure that a theater’s set pieces, props, or shells always come in at the same position every time. This can be challenging to achieve manually; thus, these controls help to remove the human error element.
In addition, positioning controls offer flexibility for creating automated dynamic and complex movements of scenic elements. The team at Thern Stage is available to provide technical expertise, support, and instruction on programming, operation, and maintenance.

Positioning Electrical Control Systems by Thern Stage

Our positioning controls are available with fixed or variable speed, a touchscreen interface, and a rotary limit switch that provides in/out hard stops and overtravel protection in each direction. Positioning controls with variable speeds allow the operator to choose the rate of the object being lifted or lowered. It includes an acceleration and deceleration “ramp” to smoothly start and stop the movement.

The standard model we offer features four programmable intermediate stops between the hard set limits. We would be happy to provide a custom solution if more advanced control options are required, such as queuing capabilities or operating multiple axes at a time. Ultimately, you have the freedom to customize additional product features to suit your application.

Customization Options Include:

  • Pendant controller (simple or touch screen)
  • Remote e-stops
  • Multiple interfaces
  • Wireless controllers
  • Wall- or rail-mounted or recessed enclosures
  • Remote access and technical support
  • Load sensing
  • Slackline
  • Synchronized operation

Most of Thern Stage’s positioning controls are installed in a hybrid system using motorized controls for the heavier acoustic shells and electric sets, while scenery and drapery sets are manually operated by a traditional counterweight system. Western Region Market Manager Dave Maxwell noted, “Marrying the high-end motorized sets with traditional manually operated line sets in a system is a home run for most theaters!”

Take complete control of your performance with the push of a button. Whether you want to manage your motor-controlled hoists or set different locations for your production elements, Thern Stage can build the ideal, high-quality controls you need to operate your system. Connect with our team today to get a conversation started!