Thern Presents: Out with the Old, In with the New

Thern provides the key to critical rigging upgrades at the Bear Theater with quality products and fast turnaround time.

The Client:

Bryan High School, in the Omaha Public School Area, is home to Bear Theater. The Bear Theater is the venue for music and theatre events, assemblies, and other school activities. Bryan Drama productions host events such as Bryan’s Got Talent, Musical Acting Camp, and the performances of many plays and musicals.

The Challenge:

Although still in service, Bryan High School was ready for some upgrades to their current rigging equipment. The last installation of equipment in the theatre was in the 1970s. Bryan High worked with Heartland Scenic Studios to create a solution that would work with their existing guide wall and locking rail. The work needed to be completed with speedy turnaround time.

Thern Stage’s Solution:

Thern was able to create custom head block clips to work with the existing head beam and deliver the entire project faster than competitors. The project included new head blocks, loft blocks, side loading rod arbors, guide shoes, rope locks, and floor blocks. Thern’s ability to deliver custom-engineering solutions under a tight timeframe helped ensure a successful project.

This was the first time Heartland Scenic Studio had worked with Thern. They stated, “The equipment is very nice, and the operation is silent. Thern offers many options and they work hard in the installers favor”.

The show may now go on! If you have a problem and are looking for an exceptional solution contact Thern Stage today!