Now Introducing: Tessa Farley

Meet Tessa Farley!


Tessa began at Thern back in 2009 as a part-time member of the sales team, completing various administrative tasks. She moved into the Business Development Assistant role in 2015, working closely with the Wastewater Department, eventually expanding her role to Thern Stage in 2018. She spends her days generating leads, developing new opportunities, and helping to grow Thern and Thern Stage. Although she started in 2009, Tessa has been a part of the Thern family for much longer. She is the great granddaughter of our founders, Royal and Lucille Thern!

Recently, Tessa began writing blogs for Thern Stage’s website. She enjoys working for Thern Stage and in the theater industry because of the endless opportunities it brings! The theater industry is always evolving and requesting updated solutions to old problems.

Tessa has had a love for theater throughout her life, even majoring in theater in college! She continues to direct and produce plays in her free time. She told us, “It’s exciting to be able to support the growth of an industry I am so passionate about with Thern Stage products.”