The Must-Have Portable Capstan Winch for Theatrical Venues

portable capstan winch

The Must-Have Portable Capstan Winch for Theatrical Venues

portable capstan winch

The Thern® Liberty® Series portable capstan winch is a newer and an exceptional addition to the Thern Stage product family. Keep reading to understand how and why this capstan winch is being used in theatrical venues.

A Portable Capstan Winch’s Role on Stage

A capstan winch is different than other portable winches in that the rope does not accumulate on the rotating cylinder. That means the pull length is limited only by the length of the rope being used.

A portable capstan winch can be used in the entertainment industry in multiple ways. One such use is to correct an out-of-balance arbor. It does this by pulling down an out-of-balance arbor or controlling the arbor from rising too rapidly. A rope is attached to the bottom of the arbor then wrapped several times around the drum of the winch. Operating the capstan winch by taking or giving rope then allows the operator to lift or lower the arbor.

The capstan winch is the ideal solution for a grid hoist. Forgo the hazardous manual rigging of a grid and install the capstan as a grid hoist to help raise pick points, chain motors, and other production gear. Portable capstan winches are similarly useful in more challenging entertainment and theatrical venues. In counterweight facilities that lack a loading gallery, the Liberty capstan provides increased reliability when maneuvering heavier loads.

capstan winch

Why You Need a Thern Portable Capstan Winch

A Thern capstan winch is the winch to cast in this important role due to its many innovative features:

  • The handle on the motor allows for the winch to be easily transferred about a theatrical space.
  • With the Liberty’s quiet operation, team communication is enhanced for increased productivity.
  • The Thern Liberty Series capstan winch with integral swivel base delivers portable strength for lifting, pulling, and tensioning at almost any angle.
  • Enclosed motor housing, powdercoat finish, and corrosionresistant components ensure dependable operation for many years.
  • The standard rope lock is an enhanced safety feature, making this an appropriate tool in an educational setting such as a high school performing arts center or auditorium.
  • The foot pedal switch frees both hands to better control the hauling line.

Elevate your performance today with the Liberty portable capstan winch. Whether it’s correcting out-of-balance arbors or providing a solution to the lack of a loading gallery, the Thern Liberty Series capstan winch is sure to star backstage. Talk to a Thern Stage sales representative and get your quote today!

*Photo credit belongs to DeLong Rigging Solutions. The evaluation of the capacity, suitability, and selection of the supporting structure is outside the purview of Thern. As such, the supporting structure should be evaluated by a Qualified Person as defined in ANSI E1.4.1.