Meet the Thern Team – Martina Saulsbury

Meet the Thern Team - Martina Saulsbury

Meet Martina!


Thern would like to introduce our Marketing Specialist, Martina Saulsbury! Martina stepped into this role full-time after completing her marketing internship at Thern and graduating from Winona State University. Over her 7 months at Thern, she has already celebrated many successes with Thern. Martina works hard at a variety of marketing tasks including creating reports, editing literature, market research, and more!

Martina was a college student at Winona State University and looking for the opportunity to expand her knowledge in the marketing field. She heard about Thern through an internship program at her university. The program mentioned Thern would be a great fit for her due to the flexibility and accountability Thern offered. Thern’s flexibility is something that was valuable while Martina juggled her busy school and work schedules. Martina mentions that Thern was extremely helpful by working with her and finding a schedule that fit. She remarks that, as a student, that was something she will always be grateful for.

Having recently moved into a full-time position, Martina is fully flexing her marketing muscles at Thern. As a valuable addition to the marketing team, Martina’s talents and knowledge have shone through in the variety of projects she has already tackled. Dedicated to continuing to support Thern’s growth, Martina has her eyes down the road on what can be done to promote Thern’s superior products, service and work culture.

Martina is involved in a wide range of Winona community activities. Having grown up in the Twin Cities, so she is always looking for new things to do, whether that is playing slow-pitch softball, throwing in dart leagues in the summer and fall, or rollerblading around the beautiful lakes in Winona. The Minnesota driftless area offers a great range of activities and environments to enjoy!

Martina is a valuable addition to the company as she values and exemplifies teamwork, quality results, and creating a healthy environment. Her willingness to help anyone with whatever they may need is something Thern strives to foster within the company. Thern is thankful to have Martina as part of the team!