Meet the Thern Team – Austin Utley

Meet Austin!

Meet the Thern Team - Austin Utley

Thern Stage is proud to introduce Austin Utley! Joining only three months ago, Austin is our newest Theatrical Technical Sales Representative. When Thern Stage posted a call for hire earlier this year, Austin was eager to interview. Since the beginning of his career working in the theatrical rigging industry, it had always been Austin’s goal to work at Thern Stage. Before he joined Thern Stage, Austin worked as an installer of theatrical product. He installed a wide variety of theatrical rigging equipment, and in his experience he found that competitor’s equipment failed to match up to the quality of Thern Stage equipment.

Austin works out of Texas and continues to strengthen the expansion of Thern Stage products in the South. His workday consists of quoting large theatrical rigging systems to potential clients in the region and providing solutions to situations that may arise when discussing rigging systems. As a seasoned installer of rigging equipment, Austin is the perfect person to assist our customers in selecting the best rigging system for their space.

Other than the stage equipment Thern Stage manufactures, Austin was inspired to work at Thern due to the potential of upward mobility and expansion. He also appreciates that Thern is allowing him to work remotely. He’s only worked for Thern Stage for three months, but has already felt the familial respect shared between Thern employees. Something that took Austin by surprise when he first joined the company was how happy and excited everyone was at work. On his first day, he was greeted with smiles by every single person, whether in the shop on the assembly line or in an office of upper management. He recognized the pride Thern employees take in their work and was told on multiple occasions that this job would be his favorite job he ever had.

Outside of Thern, Austin enjoys shooting competitive sporting clays and playing golf. An interesting fact about Austin is that he has a robotic leg. Although he will continue living in Texas, Austin enjoys his visits to Winona, where he can drive along the Mississippi river and take in the beautiful sights.

No matter how challenging or unique the application is, the main goal of Thern Stage is to find the perfect lifting and rigging solution, and you can trust that Austin is there for the job. As an established rigging installer, customers can rest easy knowing their large theatrical rigging system projects are in his experienced hands. Welcome to Thern, Austin! You are a proud addition to our talented team!