Calling on Thern Stage: Lift Capacity of the Counterweight Assist Hoist

What is the lift capacity of the Counterweight Assist hoist?


Thern’s Counterweight Assist Hoist (CWA2-PC) has a lifting capacity of 1,500 lbs. This is higher than other competitor’s products and represents the “deadlift” capacity of the hoist. As the name implies, the hoist assists the operation of a counterweight line set by replacing manual operation with a motorized hoist. The hoist is installed within a counterweight line set and is connected directly to the arbor. Both the capacity of the hoist, and the arbor, must be added together to come up with a total line set capacity.

For example, assume a CWA2-PC hoist is installed in a line set. If the counterweight arbor has a weight capacity of 1,200 lbs, the two capacities must be added, 1,500 + 1,200 = 2,700 lbs of total line set capacity result. This is a rough calculation because several additional factors such as the structure of the facility, the weight of battens, wire rope, lighting instruments, orchestra shell ceilings, or other equipment vary from facility to facility and impact the final line set capacity.

CWA hoists are ideal in applications where heavy loads must be lifted on a regular basis, or where positioning may be important. While standard push-button controls are available, couple the hoist with a Thern Stage positioning control for precise positioning to preset locations and provide optimal performance in any performing arts facility.