Calling on Thern Stage: Clew Winches

Do manual clew winches fall under ANSI standards?


Yes, Thern clew winches fall under ANSI E1.4-3 (2020) Manual Operated Hoists Rigging Systems

In June of 2020, the ANSI Board of Standards Review approved ANSI E1.4-3 – 2020, Entertainment Technology—Manually Operated Hoist Rigging Systems. This is the first standard that applies to manually operated wire rope hoists in the entertainment industry. The standard provides for the use of hoists that are designed in accordance with the requirements set forth in the standard. Thern Clew Winches are an excellent and compact solution for your stage hoist needs.

Thern’s Clew Winches, the CW11, and CW25, both comply with key aspects of the new standard. They include a constantly engaged load securing device with our internal band brake, along with a secondary load securing device that locks the drum to avoid unauthorized use. Our clew winches also accept “drive augmentation”, which is the ability to use a high-torque, low-speed (400 RPM, maximum) drill to operate our clew winches. Drill operation may reduce the overall load capacity of some clew winches. For more details on our clew winch, please visit