Calling on Thern Stage: Clew Winch Brakes

How do our manual Clew Winches operate? Does the clew winch have a brake?


Thern Clew Winches include a constantly-engaged brake and clutch bearing assembly as the primary load holding mechanism.  When the operator turns the handle to lift the load, the clutch bearing allows the input shaft to turn freely.  When the load is cranked down, the clutch bearing engages with the input shaft and applies friction to the band brake, operating as a drive-through brake.  Because the brake is always engaged, the load is always safeguarded.

Thern’s Manual Clew Winches include a secondary load securing device in the form of a drum pin lock that secures the drum into position.  A padlock can be added for additional security. Motorized clew winches do not include the lockout pins.

Our motorized Clew Winches include the same internal brake with an added brake motor that provides two fail-safe load-holding devices.

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