The Best Solution for a Stage Hoist

CWA Hoist

Lift Large Loads with this Innovative Stage Hoist


CWA Hoist

Thern Stage’s counterweight assist hoist is one of the best solutions for a stage hoist. The CWA hoist has the quality and reliability that is only found through Thern’s long-standing reputation of manufacturing excellence.


A Heavy-Duty Stage Hoist

The CWA hoist is a heavy-duty solution that assists the operation of a counterweight line set by replacing manual operation with a motorized hoist. The CWA hoist securely lifts 1,500 pounds (or about 680 kg). When coupled with a counterweight arbor, the lifting capacity can exceed 3,000 pounds (or about 1,360 kg). The capacity of the hoist and the arbor are added together to come up with a total line set capacity. By installing this stage hoist into a counterweight line set system, the CWA hoist adds safety features and capabilities to rigging systems.



The CWA hoist can lift anything from lighting battens to orchestra shells. While standard push-button controls are available, couple the hoist with a Thern Stage positioning control for precise positioning to preset locations and provide optimal performance in any performing arts facility. Thern Stage also offers a convenient touch-screen pendant. The CWA hoist has a versatile design that is suitable for almost any counterweight system.


A Safe Solution for Heavy Loads

Thern Stage’s CWA hoist replaces the manual operation of a counterweight line set with a powerful motorized hoist. CWA hoists are ideal in applications where heavy loads are lifted on a regular basis or where positioning is important. They greatly improve the safety of raising and lowering heavy loads, particularly for varying loads, as rigging plots are often changed per production. Thern’s CWA hoist complies with the current standard, ANSI E1.6-1, for motorized entertainment hoists and includes an integrated secondary brake with smooth, quiet operation.


Whether for a new theater or a rigging renovation, Thern Stage’s counterweight assist hoist delivers. Finally, the best news is that the CWA hoist can be conveniently incorporated into any existing counterweight rigging system. Contact a Thern Stage Equipment sales representative today to purchase the best solution for a stage hoist today.