2021 Company Achievements for Thern® Stage Equipment

2021 Company Achievements for Thern® Stage Equipment

Thern Stage Equipment's 2021 Achievement

2021 was a record-breaking year for Thern Stage. We set several new sales records, surpassed our annual revenue goals, and sustained superb customer satisfaction. The company truly flourished. But it’s not all about the numbers; 2021 was a year of company achievements in many other ways.

Four Categories of Company Achievements

  2021 Achievement - Nonstop Innovation

Nonstop Innovation

2021 was a year of continued innovation for Thern Stage. From product development to streamlining production and manufacturing efforts, we continued to dream big and problem solve our way through the year.

“A customer needed a custom-designed system of winches to cover and retract tarps over material bunkers at a project site. Thern Engineering customized a roll drop winch design that is typically used in the theater market for this application. This was a huge accomplishment as it highlighted a number of Thern’s attributes: problem solving, good customer service, and going the extra mile to satisfy the customer.” —Mike Guenther, Inside Sales Manager

“Thern designed an entirely new traction drive fire curtain hoist for two different facilities in Louisiana and Texas. The THBFC hoist will become part of our standard offerings, making it easier to motorize large framed and counterweighted fire curtains with a grid-mounted hoist solution.” —Paul Brunner, Business Development Manager, Stage Equipment

“Thern is a 73-year-old company that continues to innovate and reinvent itself while staying true to our roots. There aren’t too many companies that have been around as long as we have that continue to do that.” —John Lund, Vice President, Sales and Marketing


2021 Achievement - Introduced New Team Members

Introduced New Team Members

Thern Stage added several new team members despite the labor shortage the nation is currently facing. Without our exemplary employees in the shop and in the office, 2021 would not have been the record-breaking year that it was.

“We took creative action and did a few things to address the challenges we were facing, along with the rest of the country. We ended up with a positive outcome. We addressed the issues and pushed forward, and we weren’t as negatively impacted as we could have been had we sat back and done nothing.” —Tedd Morgan

“We added Project Manager Chris Reilly to the theater team, who provides oversight of theater orders as they progress through our engineering and fabrication processes, in addition to his role as manager of our product development efforts across Thern’s entire product line. We also expanded our sales team with Austin Utley, who is an experienced theater rigging and installer. Austin increases our ability to provide detailed quotations in a timely manner and adds a wealth of experience to our team.” —Paul Brunner

“We were able to successfully recruit several new hires in this very hard market. We turned to our employees for help through a referral program. Thern is a fun place to work, so of course, our employees wanted to recommend it as a place of employment to their friends and family.” —Stephanie Hemker, Human Resources Manager


2021 Achievement - National Growth

National Growth

Thern Stage experienced significant expansion into new regions in 2021.

“We expanded our sales team to provide full coverage of all US regions. We now have great sales and service support for our customers no matter what state they live in.” —Tedd Morgan

“We strengthened and expanded our dealer network with partners across the United States, especially in the Northeast and West, delivering complete theatrical rigging systems coast to coast. We are also excited to share that our Thern Stage team is starting to travel more and more as we seek to connect face-to-face with our dealers and customers.” —Paul Brunner


2021 Achievement - Had Fun

Had Fun

Yes, Thern Stage employees managed to have fun in the year of 2021. Despite many challenges, it was an achievement to find these moments where we were able to enjoy ourselves.

“We were able to get together safely this past summer to do a fun car show. We had employees bring in their clunkers and brand-new cars. It was fun to see folks laughing and enjoying one another.” —Stephanie Hemker

“We were proud to see Paul Brunner selected as the newest USITT Fellow!” —Tedd Morgan


The year 2021 was truly a year full of company achievements for Thern Stage! We continued to dream big, bring in new people, grow on a massive scale, and we even had a little fun doing it. We are certain that 2022 will be another outstanding year at Thern Stage.